Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pasta Dinner

I have a habit of buying pasta EVERY time I go to the grocery store. We have so much and I figured I had better start using it. Today we had some grilled turkey brats and there were three left from the package. I thought they were similar to sausage, so using it like a sausage with sauce seemed okay to me. I decided to just mix it with some marinara and cooked up some farfalle pasta to serve it over. On the side, I heated up a delish-ious foccacia I picked up at the farmer's market this morning. It was a tomato-garlic-carmelized onion with herb foccacia.

Farfalle (bow-tie)

Turkey Brats sliced and heated

Added leftover 1/2 jar of pasta sauce

Added a can of diced Italian tomatoes to make more sauce

Pinch of sugar

A dash of garlic salt

Shredded Parmesan on top

It was a pretty tasty and quick dinner 1 pasta box down 9 to go :)

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Carrie said...

This pasta looks really good, might have to try that!